Tourism in Fiji

For a small country, Fiji consists of many islands possessing natural attractions for both relaxation and exploration with a tropical coastal atmosphere and fabulous beach panoramas as well as mid-range priced facilities that gives luxurious impression, making it perfect for a laid-back holiday.

With its significant number of soft coral reefs, no tourist would want to miss the chance to do scuba diving in Fiji, directly witnessing the nature’s charm under the sea level as well as other watery activities like whitewater rafting in fast-stream narrow rivers, Sea Kayaking and Surfing through the mountainous waves, and Golfing in the Pearl Fiji Championship Golf Course and Country Club surrounded by beautiful tropical forest. Or for a little more extreme exploration, tourists may try Tandem Skydiving over Fiji Islands offering one minute unforgettable thrilling sensation in the air.

Tired with all the exploration across the islands, tourists can always count on the availability of world-class resorts, hotels and restaurants providing luxurious facilities such as spas, relaxation pavilions and local herbal treatments which are efficacious to rejuvenate the body and soul. Never the least to mention, the sandy beaches and aesthetically pleasing islands with warm temperatures are naturally available for everyone to enjoy. All the major attractions mostly can be found in the country’s popular regions encompassing Nadi, the Coral Coast, Denarau Island, and Mamanuca Island.

Why Invest in Short Term Rental in Fiji    

Being one of the most visited countries in the Pacific, Fiji possesses the appeal to attract international tourists as it is recorded that 894,389 international tourists come to Fiji in 2019 and the number has been quite stable in the last few years. A simple short-term property rental service like AirBnb in such a country is considered to be a never-lose business in which there is so little risk and much to gain as tourists will always need a place to stay.

Transforming your property into an accommodation service could be a convenient way to earn extra money or even a stable income especially if your property is located near any major attractions of the country. Furthermore, it could be an alternative to maintain your property’s condition in the case that you don’t occupy it yourself.

Fiji has one of the most developed economies in the Pacific in which it is highly dependent on tourism for revenue. A local accommodation service, as simple as it sounds, may contribute to the improvement of the tourism sector and support the country’s economic growth, In other words, the service will not only be profitable for you but also the country as a whole. If you want to join the business but are not familiar with AirBnb service yet  Bnb Way can help you find the best AirBnb management company for your property as well as connect you to all the components you need in the sector.

Popular Sightseeing | Sights to Visit in Fiji

Blue Lagoon Cruise —  An intimate 68-passenger cruise, offering a choice of three different itineraries in the picture-postcard Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands.

Cloudbreak — A stunning coastal spot in Mamanuca Islands, providing challenging waves for surfers as well as a series of world-class resorts.

Bouma National Heritage Park — Fiji’s most popular park, located in Taveuni island, providing lush natural beauty for nature lovers, hikers, and birders.

Denarau Island — One of the most visited islands of the country, facilitating various tourist spots such as shopping centers, food stalls, golf courses, spas and herbal treatment.

Tourism Growth Graph in Fiji

Fiji’s Tourism Revenues in 2017-2020 (Credit: Tradingeconomics)

The tourism growth in Fiji, for the last few years, seems to move quite stably in a seasonal wave, reaching its peak in July and its bottom in January. In 2020, the pandemic hits the number quite hard resulting in a downfall. However it is expected to go back to its normal pace once the vaccine is publicly available.

FACTS about Fiji

Fiji is made up of 333 islands, with 223 of them being uninhabited.

These days around 40% of the Fijian population are of Indian descent which is a result of mass migration in the past.

Unless you are the chief, wearing a hat and sunglasses in a Fijian village is considered disrespectful.

Incredibly confusing to most westerners, many Fijians raise their eyebrows as a non-verbal way to say “yes”.