Tourism in Lisbon

Standing strong in the edge of western Europe, Lisbon offers a vibrant setting of metropolitan views packed with classic architectures of styles from various eras including romanesque, gothic, manueline,  baroque, and modern, spread all over the city, manifested in its landmarks and other spots of antiquity combined with its hectic festivities, making it perfect for urban exploration.

The city’s touch of antiquity is best represented by its series of museums such as National Museum of Ancient Art, the National Azulejo Museum, and National Museum of Costume and Fashion, all containing varied collections of ancient and modern art, as well as other noteworthy landmarks such as Christ the King statue, Pombaline Cage, Monastery of the Hieronymites, and Tower of Belém, preserving traces of the city’s narratives in the past, and of course, the phenomenal Portuguese Pavement displaying Lisbon’s iconic mosaic. For a real Lisbon local’s experience, tourists can always count on the availability of Pombaline Baixa (Downtown of Lisbon) which is the commercial center of the city, packed with bustling pedestrianized streets providing various restaurants and souvenir shops.

More urban experience of the city can be found on its popular events such as the Celebration of Saint Anthony of Lisbon in which they make it a holiday, and some music festivals like Optimus Alive! ,Super Bock Super Rock, and Rock in Rio Lisboa which is one of the world’s largest pop-rock festivals, not to exclude tons of other noteworthy events such as Lisbon Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Contemporary Art Fair,  the Festival of the Oceans,  the International Organ Festival of Lisbon and Lisbon Book Fair, all creating local and international crowds with festive atmosphere. Wishing for a little relaxation, tourists may try the green spots of the city such as Eduardo VII Park, Monsanto Forest Park and Avenida da Liberdade, displaying flowering plants and green spaces, providing a brief escape from the city’s noises.

Why Invest in Short Term Rental in Lisbon

Lisbon was elected the “World’s Leading City Destination and World’s Leading City Break Destination 2018” and considered the most livable city in Portugal in a survey of living conditions published yearly by Expresso, proving its appeals to attract a steady flow of international tourists every year. A simple short-term property rental service like AirBnb in such a city is considered to be a never-lose business in which there is so little risk and much to gain.

Transforming your property into an accommodation service could be a convenient way to earn extra money or even a stable income especially if your property is located near any major attraction of the city. Furthermore, it could be an alternative to maintain your property’s conditions in the case that you don’t occupy it yourself.

Tourism is a significant industry in Lisbon as it is recorded in 2018 that the city receives an average of 4.5 million tourists per year. This number certainly hints at a big opportunity in the tourism sector especially accommodation service since tourists will always need a place to stay while exploring the city. If you want to join the accommodation business but are not familiar with AirBnb service yet, Bnb Way can help you find the best AirBnb management company for your property as well as connect you to all the components you need in the sector.

Popular Sightseeing | Sights to Visit in Lisbon

Castelo de São Jorge — The most recognizable attraction of the city with impressive battlements, engaging museum and fascinating archaeological site.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos — The highlight of any Lisbon’s sightseeing tour, a UNESCO Heritage Site, preserving immense historic and cultural significance.

Oceanário de Lisboa — One of Europe’s finest aquariums and also one of the largest in the world, with an ingenious layout representing four separate seas and landscapes.

Museu Calouste Gulbenkian — One of the most celebrated museums in Europe with world-class facilities, featuring astonishing priceless artworks from around the world.

FACTS about Lisbon

Lisbon’s Christ the King statue was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. 

Lisbon’s oceanarium is one of Europe’s largest aquariums with 16 000 animals and 450 species.

Lisbon is one of the best graffiti cities in the world with a great number of graffiti buildings around the city.

Lisbon has one of the mildest climates in Europe. The city is sunny throughout the year, with an annual average of 2900-3300 hours of sunshine.