Tourism in New Orleans

As one of the oldest cities in the US, New Orleans will strike the visitors as unlike anything else in the whole country, with its blossoming culture which is a mix atmosphere of French, Spanish, African-American, Caribbean, Irish, Italian, Haitian, German, and Vietnamese, creating an energy and a unique harmony that produces semi-cultural festivities for anyone to see.

Perfect place for both food tourism and a little exploration as the city is famous for its Creole food influenced by various cultures and abundant entertainment such as bars providing good booze, music of many styles, streetcars as well as some relaxation spots like nearby swamps and plantations. New Orleans also has things for antique enthusiasts as it is home to 18th and 19th century architectural buildings, some museums, and landmarks related to Roman Catholic history in the city.

The city is identic with Jazz music which can be seen from its famous festivals like Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest that attract millions of tourists every year, requiring people to book in advance to join the bustling. It also hosts numerous festivals and gatherings such as French Quarter Festival, Creole Tomato Festival, Halloween parading and costume balls, Saint Patrick’s Day parading, and so many more events making sure the city never stops sounding.

Why Invest in Short Term Rental in New Orleans

According to current travel guides, New Orleans is one of the top ten most-visited cities in the US which indicates that accommodation service like AirBnb is an ideal business in the city as tourists would definitely need a place to stay while visiting the city.

The city is ranked second for: friendliness, gay-friendliness, bed and breakfast hotels/inns, and ethnic food, giving more reasons for anyone to visit the city which leads to stable flow of tourists every year. Transforming your property into an AirBnb accommodation service in such a potential city could earn you extra money or even a stable income as well as give an alternative to maintain your property’s condition in the case that you don’t occupy it yourself.

A Travel + Leisure poll of “America’s Favorite Cities” ranked New Orleans first in ten categories. According to the poll, New Orleans was the best U.S. city as a spring break destination which hints at a high opportunity of receiving annual tourists that of course would need accommodation during their visit. Accommodation service in the city is a never-lose business in which there is almost no risk and much to gain. In the case that you want to join the business but aren’t familiar with the service yet, Bnb Way can help you find the best AirBnb company for your property as well as connect you to other components you may need in the sector.

Popular Sightseeing | Sights to Visit in New Orleans

French Quarter — A must visit spot of the city located close to the Mississippi River with old architectural buildings and facilities for dining and entertainment.

National WWII Museum — An outstanding museum with engaging exhibits and documentary snippet of the WWII history

City Park — A 1300 acres large park contains some tourism spots such as New Orleans Botanical Garden and the New Orleans Museum of Art and Sculpture Garden.

Louisiana State Museum at the Cabildo — One of the most popular museums in the state of Louisiana with collections that largely focus on the history of New Orleans and many ethic groups of the city.

Tourism Growth Graph in New Orleans

New Orleans Visitation Statistics (Credit: Hvs)

The number of visitations to New Orleans seems to increase in the last decade with also an increase in the money spent by the tourists. The number is expected to stably fluctuate for the next few years.

FACTS about New Orleans

In 1796, New Orleans became the first city to host Opera in the United States.

Named after the French ruler Orléans, the city features a lot of French influence in its cuisines and Creole culture.

The Superdome in New Orleans is the largest enclosed stadium in the world.

New Orleans is said to be the birthplace of voodoo in the US.