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Tourism in New York

New York offers a combination of modern view and a classic experience of urban festivities. The heart of the state, New York City, has always been one of the most visited cities in the world as well as the most popular city in the US.

Visiting New York City would be a colorful experience in which you can lay on your indulgent taste to explore various terrene and let each of them reveal its wonder.

Historical touch can always be seen on the city’s major spots such as the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Broadway, museums, and sport stadium while you can always rely on central park to have some relaxation and Times Square to directly feel the hectic sensation of being a New Yorkers. Luxury Shopping is always an available option along the Fifth and Madison Avenues.

The city also becomes a haven for food tourists. Influenced by the immigrants and large number of dining patrons, the city provides a diverse culinary of east and west; ideal place for pizza lovers as well as bagels and cheesecake; and famous for thousands of mobile street vendors adding the menu from Middle East such as Falafel and Kebabs. Liquor lovers mustn’t miss the chance to join Rum and Black Bird Tasting Tours.

Semi-cultural events and festivities are never the least thing to do in New York. Music tours in Harlem and East Village will fulfill the visitors’ music taste as well as Randall Island music festivals which cover music in various genres on the stages. If you prefer events close to the center of the city, free performances in Central Park at Summerstage and Delacorte Theater or Tiberica Film Festival will do you a great favor.


Why Invest in Short Term Rental in New York

Everything can be grand in New York City especially when it comes to tourism as it received a ninth consecutive annual record of approximately 65.2 million tourists in 2018, of which 13.6 million were international.

A simple accommodation rental business is an ideal investment in which there is so much to gain and so little to lose, not to mention that it could be an alternative way to maintain your property’s wellness in the case that you don’t occupy it yourself.

According to the 2019 NYC & Company Annual Report, total spending generated from the tourists in New York City reached up to US$ 47.4 in which accommodation takes a crucial role for the number. There is really no reason not to be involved in such a handsome potential business.


Popular Sightseeing | Sights to Visit in New York

Central Park– A 843 acres green area in the middle of NYC, creating contrast yet balance between the city’s bustling and tranquility.

Times Square– A major commercial intersection and entertainment center of NYC, a perfect spot to witness the city’s hustles and bustles.

Statue of Liberty– The iconic statue of New York and even the US, one of the most visited spots for international tourists.

Theater District — This is where you can watch most Broadway theaters as well as other similar types of shows.


New York Tourism Growth Graph

Number of Visitation to New York City from 2010 – 2016 (New York City Travel & Tourism Trend Report)

As the chart shows, the number of visitations to NYC both domestic and international seems to increase year by year. The city poses high potential for business especially in the tourism sector.


FACTS about New York

The oldest building in New York City, Wyckoff Farm in Brooklyn dates back to around 1642.

Birdwatchers have spied 275 species of birds in Central Park.

The first American pizza joint opened in New York City in 1905.

The price of a slice of pizza and the cost of a subway ride are almost always the same.

It would take approximately 24 hours to route out the whole NYC subway track.

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